Critters of South America

Henry with alpacaIn South America, in fields and desert sand,
You can see fantastic creatures roaming the land.
Vicuńa, alpaca, and llama, surely these
Are names you must call them, if you call them, please.

Vicuńa roam wild in herds across the land.
No one may hunt or own them for these things are banned.
Alpaca and llama may be wild or tame.
They are often kept for pets and given funny names.

A warm and furry coat is something all three wear.
And lucky for us all, it’s something they all share.
Llama’s fur, though warm, is only worn by those
Who use the pretty beasts to make their simple clothes.

Alpaca fur is sold for fine scarfs and sweaters.
Though some believe fur from the baby is better.
Vicuńa fur is the most costly you will see.
I think it’s too expensive for you and for me.

For you, Henry, an alpaca would be just right.
I think a llama in your room would be too tight.
Whenever you got cold, you could shear the little guy.
And make your own clothes instead of having to buy.

I’m not sure what you’d name your pretty little pet.
But just maybe you could ask your mother, the vet.
Or your father, the artist, may give you a clue.
Before the box with holes arrives, addressed to you.

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