Urubambu and Machu Picchu

machu picchu









A long time ago, there lived Urubambu,
A boy who was born in Machu Picchu.
Machu Picchu was perched very high.
On a mountain, almost touching the sky.

UruBambu had no mother or dad.
When he was a baby, it was so sad.
His father was eaten by a hungry fox.
His mother, it’s certain, died from small pox.

Now, Bambu, as he was commonly called,
Liked to build things with blocks, both big and small.
Bambu built houses with windows and doors.
When he built a hundred, he built some more.

He built a temple that faced the sun.
He built a terrace when that was done.
He built some drains where water could run.
He built a tall castle just for fun.

In Machu Picchu there was no Lego store
When Bambu wanted blocks, he had to make more.
He had a knife of rock that he had honed .
And carved many blocks from the mountain stone.

After each block was cut, Bambu took sand
And polished it smooth with his very own hands.
Bambu worked very hard, both night and day,
To build a town where he could play.

Now down the mountain there was something to see.
A rain forest full of birds and monkees.
There were boys in the jungle who swung from the trees.
And jumped into the puddles that came up to their knees.

One day when Bambu was playing around.
Some boys from the jungle came up to his town.
Wide-eyed, amazed, they asked if they could play.
They had never seen blocks and such a display!

But Bambu said no and told them to go.
“I will not share. For friends I do not care.”
“These blocks are all mine. I have built this town.”
“Go back down. I do not want you around.”

The jungle boys left, looking sad, walking slow.
Bambu stood there laughing and watched them go.
And to Machu Picchu, no others came.
Bambu died alone, as was his aim.

Five hundred years later, some people found.
Urubambu’s giant lego town.
Now it’s a UNESCO word heritage site.
And many visit, despite its great height.

It’s not good to be selfish with your toys.
Sharing is better for girls and for boys.
Best to share your things when you can take part.
Otherwise, they’ll share them for you when you depart.

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