Getting to Port

tender boat









Henry, today I will tell you in short,
How we can get from our ship to the ports.
When the captain stops the ship for the day,
Sometimes it’s at dock, sometimes far away.

If there is a dock at which we can land,
We walk down the gangway – a ramp to dry land.
But if we must anchor the ship at sea,
Then getting to land is a bit tricky.

First, they must put some boats in the water.
Sometimes it takes more time than it ought to.
When they are ready we go to the deck three.
They help us aboard and hold us tightly.

The boats have long benches on which we sit.
They can load a hundred – a nice snug fit.
There is a hard roof to keep out the rain.
They close off the entryways with a chain.

Tenders is the name they give to these boats,
When they need to take us to shores remote.
But the boats have another name as well.
When the waves rise and the sea starts to swell.

These are the life boats if the ship goes down.
They can save the people so we won’t drown.
One hundred and fifty they will keep warm,
If we should need to jump ship in a storm.

So that’s it, Henry, as you can now see.
There is the big ship that crosses the sea.
There are three small boats hanging on each side.
To save our lives or just give us a ride.

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