The End of the World

end of world








Do you know what it’s like at the end of the world?

Well, let me tell you because I have been there.

It’s so windy the flags are always unfurled.

They blow out straight and free in the mountain air.


At the end of the world, a long time ago,

The people had no houses, they lived in canoes.

The men fished for food while the children they rowed,

The women cooked with fires made in the boats too.


At the end of the world, now people are few.

They live in wood houses with roofs made of steel.

The houses are painted bright orange and blue

And most every hue other from the color wheel.


At the end of the world, there are animals too.

Horses graze in fields and sheep roam about in flocks.

Sea lions and blue-eyed cormorants share the view

From the Beagle Channel on little island rocks.


If you ever get to the end of the world,

I think there is something you really should see.

Take a stone from the shore and give it a hurl.

And watch it skip and jump o’er the clear blue sea.


At the end of the world, the water’s so clear,

You can see clear down, all the way to the sand

At the bottom of the sea. But, I do fear

The water’s so cold it’s best to stay on land.


At the end of the world, the mountains are low

And yet there is snow on every sharp peak.

In the forests, mistletoe and beech trees grow,

Lupines peek from valleys, for the sun they seek.


At the end of the world, there was a sad time when

A prison colony darkened this rare space.

The beauty of its nature was lost on these men.

Without freedom, the world is an ugly place.


Now the end of the world is a beautiful place

Full of mountains and forests and sea.

Its people are hopeful and trust in God’s grace.

And I’m sure that’s how our world ought to be.

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