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June 27, 2017

June 27 2017

Just got back from a wonderful Scandinavian cruise. In case you didn’t know – the Scandinavian countries are Sweden, Denmark and Norway – that’s it. If you are talking about Nordic countries, you can add Finland and Iceland to the list. So that means I went on a Scandinavian/ Nordic cruise with a few extras: Russia, Estonia, Germany and Poland.  That’s a lot to take in in a few weeks. But the scenery was beautiful, stark in Iceland, lush in Norway. Great cities and lots of nature shit too. Highly recommended.

Added some new stories under “Henry Stories – Scandinavian Cruise.” Hope you like them.

May 23, 2017

Like my top hat? I do have a fondness for hats. This one is special. Got it as an award for my work in the St. Vincent de Paul society – a Catholic charitable organization that helps those living in poverty. I was so honored to receive it.

Published a new story under the Life tab. It’s called “God’s Plan.” Hope you like it.

June 15, 2016

 June 15 2016 cropped

Here I am at the Townhouse, one of the trendy new restaurants in downtown Detroit. Even when you’re inside, you’re outside.  The walls are open windows and the roof is open too. The food is pretty good. The craft cocktails (Bloody Mary, in this case) could be improved. I’m pretty sure there was absolutely no alcohol in it. And there’s nothing like a nice brunch buzz to start the day. Too bad.

I have a new story under the Life tab. It’s called “Crocker Park.” Click here to read:

December 5, 2015

December 5 2015

Last night a very personal story I wrote was published on a website called
Pulse – Voices from the Heart of Medicine (
The story is called “Giving Blood – And Other Acts of Courage.”
This excellent website contains stories and poems of personal accounts of illness and healing.
I would recommend you subscribe to the site as they publish a new and compelling story every Friday.
Here is a link to my story:
I hope you find it thought-provoking.

November 23, 2015

November 23 2015

Remember when I told you about the West Village and how I planned to come back to Craft Work for dinner? Well I did. During Happy Hour there are lots of cheap drinks and food to choose from. I opted for the cheap wine which was very good and the regular dinner which was also very good. The place has a nice cozy vibe with bookcases lining one wall and the bar on the opposite wall. I would definitely go back.

There is a new story under the Out There tab called “The Angel Bell” Hope you like it.

November 7, 2015

November 7 2015

This is Rosie’s Diner on East Jefferson. It’s gotten national acclaim as one of the best restaurants in the country even though it’s a tiny hole-in-the-wall on the east side of Detroit. I think the secret is that they make everything from scratch. They grow the ingredients. And you know everything is fresh because they run out of stuff. That can be frustrating when half the items on the menu are not available but, hey, get there earlier next time. The only complaints I had were the coffee – way too weak – and it’s cold in there. They need one of those vestibule enclosures so that when someone opens the front door it doesn’t let in the gale force winds from the river. But, in general, this place is a gem.

There is a new story under the Life tab called “Charmed.” Hope you like it.

September 30, 2015

September 30 2015

I attended ArtPrize in Grand Rapids and joined an outdoor Zumba class. It was all about the free t-shirt. Haven’t written in a while because I’ve been working on a longer piece which is still not finished. But I had to capture a really funny moment before I forgot it. It’s called “Fit Conversation” and I posted under the “Life” tab. Hope you like it.